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Sherpas walking through a mountain pass

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Where will you taste next?

 Sip on handcrafted beverages and savor artisanal pastries, all thoughtfully curated to transport you to far-off destinations. Join us in creating lasting memories through the joy of diverse tastes.

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New desserts
& drinks

Chocolate Chip Cookie Croissant
Strawberry Smoothie with whipped cream

/ Sher·pa/ 


ར shar ('east') and པ pa ('people')

The Sherpa, epitomizing hospitality and selflessness, inspires our service ethos. Like their guidance through rugged terrains, we navigate diverse culinary landscapes, ensuring each encounter is a sublime journey of global flavors.

Flaky Croissants

We are seasoned guides in the realm of food.

Our café menu offers a tantalizing array of globally-inspired dishes crafted with expert culinary finesse.

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