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Pain au Chocolat (Parisian Chocolate Croissant) image

Pain au Chocolat (Parisian Chocolate Croissant)

As freshly baked as those in Parisian bakeries, these fluffy puff pastries are filled with perfectly sweetened chocolate.

Crookie  image


Indulge in the decadent delight of the crookie, a mouthwatering fusion of two beloved pastries - the buttery croissant and the irresistible cookie.

Macaron image


A macaron is a delicate French confection crafted from finely ground almonds, sugar, and ethereal egg whites, renowned for its sublime marriage of a crisp, golden shell and a luxuriously soft, chewy center.

Empanadas image


An empanada, originating from Spain and beloved across Latin America, is a savory pastry filled with an array of delicious ingredients, enclosed in a flaky, golden crust, offering a delightful fusion of flavors and textures in every bite.

Japanese Honey Toast image

Japanese Honey Toast

Our in-house baked Japanese milk bread is thickly sliced, buttered, and topped with brown sugar, honey, and vanilla. Caramelized to perfection, it offers a heavenly crunch with a soft, chewy center.

Baklava image


Hailing from the Middle East and Mediterranean, Baklava is a divine pastry comprising layers of flaky phyllo dough and filled with nuts, offering a tantalizing fusion of textures and flavors adored worldwide.

Tiramisu image


Tiramisu, an iconic Italian dessert originating from the Veneto region, is a luscious concoction of delicate ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee, layered with creamy mascarpone cheese, and dusted with cocoa powder

Creme Brulee image

Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée, a French dessert, features a smooth vanilla-infused custard beneath a caramelized sugar crust, offering a delightful contrast of creamy and crunchy textures, adored worldwide for its indulgent taste.

Fruit Smoothies

Golden Mango Bliss image

Golden Mango Bliss

An opulent concoction made from the ripest mangoes, rich cream and blended with ice for a rich treat.

Scarlet Strawberry Dream image

Scarlet Strawberry Dream

Vine ripened strawberries mixed with a creamy base and ice for a refreshingly rich smoothie.

Jade Honeydew Delight image

Jade Honeydew Delight

A sublime fusion of just-harvested honeydew, cream and ice that captivates the unparalleled freshness and luscious sweetness of summer.

Tropical Pineapple Elixir image

Tropical Pineapple Elixir

Richly sweet pineapple gathered from the tropics are blended with cream and ice to make an island treat worthy of your tastebuds.

Royal Amethyst Taro image

Royal Amethyst Taro

Delve into the exotic charm of our taro smoothie, a creamy indulgence infused with the mysterious allure of taro root, promising a journey of unparalleled delight with every sip.

Sunset Peach Paradise image

Sunset Peach Paradise

Enjoy the flavor paradise of juicy peaches and rich cream, expertly crafted and blended with ice.

Crystal Lychee Oasis image

Crystal Lychee Oasis

Taste the sweet jewels of the Far East, combining the bursting sweetness of lychee, velvety smooth cream and ice.

Milk Tea

Thai Tea image

Thai Tea

Savor the exquisite taste of our Thai tea, a decadent fusion of creamy sweetness and exotic spices that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Thailand with its irresistible flavor profile.

Milk Tea image

Milk Tea

Experience the unparalleled deliciousness of our milk tea, a harmonious blend of rich, creamy goodness and aromatic tea flavors that will enchant your senses with every heavenly sip.

Ancient Brown Sugar Boba image

Ancient Brown Sugar Boba

A brown sugar boba drink enchants with its rich, caramelized sweetness and chewy tapioca pearls, offering a delectable fusion of flavors and textures that leaves taste buds craving more.

Fruit Tea

Mango Fruit Tea image

Mango Fruit Tea

Embark on a sensory journey where the vibrant essence of sun-kissed mangoes intertwines with the sophistication of premium tea, crafting a harmonious symphony of tropical opulence in each exquisite sip.

Honeydew Fruit Tea image

Honeydew Fruit Tea

Honeydew's subtle sweetness and refreshing juiciness, coupled with its delicate aroma and tender texture, make it a truly delightful and irresistible fruit.

Taro Fruit Tea image

Taro Fruit Tea

Taro's rich, creamy texture and subtly sweet flavor, reminiscent of a blend between potato and coconut, creates a uniquely delicious experience that lingers on the palate.

Pineapple Fruit Tea image

Pineapple Fruit Tea

The pineapple's vibrant sweetness, with its perfect balance of tangy acidity and tropical aroma, creates an irresistibly refreshing and delightful flavor sensation.

Strawberry Fruit Tea image

Strawberry Fruit Tea

The strawberry's vibrant red hue, coupled with its juicy sweetness and tangy undertones, creates a burst of irresistible flavor that delights the palate with every bite.

Peach Fruit Tea image

Peach Fruit Tea

The peach's luscious, velvety flesh, bursting with sweet nectar and a hint of tartness, offers a heavenly taste of summer in every juicy bite.

Lychee Fruit Tea image

Lychee Fruit Tea

The lychee's delicate floral aroma and juicy, translucent flesh, with its perfect balance of sweetness and slight acidity, offers a truly exquisite and refreshing tropical treat.


Italian Caffellatte (Latté) image

Italian Caffellatte (Latté)

Transport yourself to the sun-kissed streets of Italy with our exquisite Italian latte.

Iced Boba Latte image

Iced Boba Latte

This delicious chilled drink featuring milk, espresso, and chewy tapioca pearls, offering a refreshing blend of creamy, caffeinated flavors with a fun textural twist.

Nitro Cold Brew image

Nitro Cold Brew

Introducing our nitro cold brew: a smooth, velvety coffee experience infused with nitrogen bubbles, offering a creamy texture and bold flavor profile that's sure to delight your senses with every sip.

Italian Cappuccino  image

Italian Cappuccino

Indulge in our signature cappuccino, a luxurious blend of velvety espresso and perfectly steamed milk, crowned with a cloud-like foam.

Cafe Noir image

Cafe Noir

Indulge in the richness of our black coffee: a velvety brew that tantalizes with bold flavors and deep aromas, delivering pure coffee bliss sip after sip.

Blended Frappe image

Blended Frappe

A blended frappe delights with its velvety smoothness, rich flavors, and icy refreshment, offering a satisfying treat that tantalizes the taste buds with every creamy sip.

Ice Cream Latte image

Ice Cream Latte

An ice cream latte tempts with its creamy richness, decadent flavors, and refreshing chill, making it a delectable indulgence that satisfies both coffee cravings and sweet tooth desires.

Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee) image

Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

Dalgona Coffee entices with its velvety smoothness, bold coffee flavor, and sweet foam topping, creating a delightful indulgence that elevates the classic coffee experience.

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